Self portraits!


These are a few of the prints I made at The Print Studio (I love love love this place so much. If you live in the area go and check it out now. I mean NOW!)

I had such a fun time making these. If you haven’t tried out print making, I highly recommend taking a class or learning how to do wood or lino cut prints. (they are the simplest and easiest to do. they do not need any kind of special equipment. ooh, maybe I will do a lino how-to post in the future)

Trust me, it’s SOO MUCH FUN!


about the ART.

Yes. With this image I just wanted to explore duplicity. You know how everything has two stories. Also how we will never truly understand each other because we are stuck in our own brains or “eye balls” as my philosophy teacher would say all of the time.


I like details!






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