Soon to be a water colour when I get the time/ get unlazy!


Pimp My Camera

my excitement can not be contained.

My friend recently colored over the flash of an old digital camera and the photos she took were fantastic.

Read this article for other fun things that you can do with an old digital or disposable camera.


inspired by my friend, I hauled out my own old digital camera and went to work.

First, I painted a thin layer of clear nail polish to the outsides of the lens. Then I taped some pink cellophane over the flash.

Pretty cool.

Well I couldn’t stop there. A camera that takes girly pink soft focus pictures MUST look like a camera that takes girly pink soft focus pictures.


I sanded the whole thing down a bit, mixed up some pink acrylic, added some sparkles and then painted the whole thing over with “liquid plastic” (which I’m pretty sure is wood sealer, but it worked)


Taken with PINK!

I turned my kitty PINK! 😀

Well. That was fun.

Grab your crappy cameras and get hacking!